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This episode opens as the school children rehearse for their Christmas play. They are performing a Christian Nativity, and Kyle's mother, Sheila, is angered by the play because Kyle, a Jew, plays the role of Joseph (which would have technically been historically accurate). She demands that religious elements be taken out of the public school Christmas pageant. Kyle suggests the non-religious Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo as a replacement, but is dismissed.

Mrs. Broflovski's demands trigger uproar in the town, and so it is decided that anything offensive to anyone will be removed from the Christmas celebrations, including Santa Claus, wreaths, trees, stars, lights, and candy canes.

Meanwhile, Kyle feels low for being "a lonely Jew on Christmas," and is embarrassed by his mother's actions. That night, his father, Gerald , convinces his son not to talk about Mr. Hankey anymore. Kyle was brushing his teeth in the bathroom when he turns to Mr. Hankey for solace, who, it turns out, is an actual piece of talking poo. Kyle tries to bring Mr. Hankey to the masses, but no one believes him when Mr. Broflovski discovered his son holding a piece of poo and the bathroom is in poop smears and becomes furious. After flinging Mr. Hankey (who looks like a normal piece of poo to everyone else) atCartman and slipping more poo into Mr. Mackey's coffee, Mackey declares Kyle a "clinically depressed fecalpheliac on Prozac" and has him committed.

Ultimately, the school Christmas pageant is stripped of all semblance of Christmas, as it is all deemed offensive by someone. Instead, the children present a minimalist song and dance created by Philip Glass. The parents, horrified by the terrible pageant, begin blaming one another for destroying Christmas, and a fight breaks out. Finally, Mr. Hankey reveals himself to everyone, restoring the spirit of Christmas. The town releases Kyle and apologizes to him, and they all watch Mr. Hankey fly away with Santa Claus. After the boys wonder what feels missing, Kenny cheers as "The End" appears over him, having not died through the episode. As the end credits roll, Jesus appears, alone and singing "Happy Birthday" to himself, as a result of religion being banned.

冷知识 编辑

  • 本集是首个包含实景镜头的一集。
  • 汉基先生原本应该是整部剧的焦点,但喜剧中心不允许如此。
  • 本集是《南方公园》的首个圣诞特辑。
  • 本集讽刺了政治正确,被迫移走所有会冒犯到人的东西后会发生的事。
  • 本集的一个梗是肯尼在所有本可以害死他的东西手上存活了下来。这是他首次活下来的一集,在“剧终”一词出现在屏幕上的时候肯尼欢呼了起来。这也是首次肯尼展现出对他频繁死亡的意识。其他男孩也注意到了某件事感觉“还没做完”但他们不知道是什么事。
  • 在2002年春季重播时,本集被喜剧中心评为本节目第四位最为“声名狼藉”的一集。
  • 克雷格·塔克、麦奇老师、汉基先生以及马克西神父在本集首次出场。
  • 本集是首个没有播放主题曲的一集。
  • 这是肯尼唯一一次在第一季中存活,也是他首次存活。
  • 根据《南下到南方公园》,汉基先生启发自发生在特雷·帕克身上的一件事:在特雷还小的时候,他有不冲厕所的坏习惯;因此,特雷的父亲告诉他如果他不冲厕所的话,汉基先生就会出来吃掉他。
  • 麦奇老师是基于特雷·帕克的初中辅导员拉奇老师(Mr. Lackey)创造的。
  • 麦奇老师认为凯尔得了“fecalphilia”,从字面上来看意义相同但真正的术语应该是coprophilia(嗜粪癖)。他给凯尔开了百忧解的处方来“治疗”。百忧解是美国第三常开的抗抑郁药。
  • 本集正好在《辛普森一家》开播八年后首播。

肯尼之死 编辑